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Colorized Western Movie: Loaded Pistols – Gene protects young Larry Evans, wrongly accused of murder, while trying to find the real badguys.

Loaded Pistols (1948)
Director: John English
Writers: Dwight Cummins, Dorothy Yost
Stars: Gene Autry, Barbara Britton, Chill Wills
Genre: Drama, Music, Western
Country: United States
Language: English
Release Date: December 15, 1948(Hollywood, California)
Filming Location: Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, California, USA

The only Gene Autry film where the leading lady, Barbara Britton, is equally billed above the title as the co-star, thereby knocking his horse Champion out of the honors, if one chooses to overlook the 1941 novelty from 20th Century-Fox that had Jane Withers and Gene Autry above the title in that order. This Autry entry has Larry Evans, whose gun had been used to kill rancher Ed Norton in a poker game, escaping a lynching party headed by ranchers Dave Randall and Bill Otis. Norton’s friend Gene Autry, investigating on his own, discovers that Larry’s gun had been put in the poker pot with the chips, after Larry had lost all of his money, and anyone could have used it when the lights went out. He finds Larry and his sister Mary Evans in a hideaway, and sends Mary back to town and hides Larry in the cabin of miner Jim Hedge. Finding out that Randall and Don Mason have tried to buy the Evans ranch, Gene decides to take a look at it. Hedge shows up and says he can’t figure out what could be on the ranch that would be worth committing murder for. The needle on Hedge’s compass begins to spin madly but before Gene can question the miner, Sheriff Cramer arrives and arrests Larry. Gene persuades Cramer to gather all the players in the murder-game together to re-enact the crime, with Gene taking Norton’s chair and with Larry’s gun on the table. Gene tells the assembled players he knows who killed Norton and why, and the lights go out and a shot is fired at Gene. The latter, who didn’t ride into town on a turnip truck, has filled Larry’s gun with blanks and covered the handle with graphite.

“This sharply directed Gene Autry oatuner carries the usual load of action and music. Gene sings five songs, including the title tune and the immortal “Jimmy Crack Corn,” while chasing a killer in the town of Nortonville.

LOADED PISTOLS’ lack of a comic sidekick is a dramatic plus, and serial master John English (co-director of ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN MARVEL with William Witney) keeps the chases and fights roaring at regular intervals and enlivens the non-action scenes with inventive shots and camera angles in collaboration with cinematographer William Bradford, who did Autry’s television series. It’s quite a shock about halfway through when 1940s cars roll down the street.”
– written by “Marty McKee” on Amazon.com

Also Known As (AKA):
(original title) Loaded Pistols
Brazil O Revólver de Prata
Canada Loaded Pistols(English)
Romania Pistoale încărcate
United Kingdom Loaded Pistols
United States Loaded Pistols
United States Red River Valley(Working Title)
West Germany Geladene Pistolen

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