Lon Chaney Shall Not Die! The Story of The Man With a 1000 Faces

Dark Corners Presents Lon Chaney Shall Not Die! The Story of a Man With a 1000 Faces.
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Lon Chaney Key Films
Hunchback of Notre Dame USA- UK-
Phantom of the Opera USA- UK-
Penalty USA- UK-
Lon Chaney Collection USA- UK-
West of Zanzibar USA- UK-

Lon Chaney: The Man Behind the Thousand Faces USA- UK-
A Thousand Faces: Lon Chaney’s Unique Artistry in Motion Picrtures USA- UK-
The Films of Lon Chaney: USA- UK-

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Lon Chaney was one of the greatest actors of the silent screen, and perhaps the first true cult star. Remembered as The Man of a Thousand Faces, his astonishing make-up in films like The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Phantom of the Opera, along with his taste for the gruesome and grotesque, guaranteed his place in movie history and in the hearts of horror fans. But Chaney’s gift as an actor went beyond make-up. Whether as a vampire in London After Midnight or a world weary cop in While the City Sleeps, he put the soul of his characters on the screen.

Shadows – Chris Hewson, David Adler, James Davies, Michael Bailes, Dan D Doty, Christie Bryden, Joseph Dougherty, Micheal Jackson, Hidden Trail Video, Aidan Woodard, Brian Butane, Luke Chaston, Steve Scibelli
Acolytes – Kathy Shaidle, Colleen Crouch, Dark Roast, Scott Gillespie, Connor Brennan
Initiates – Felix Weibig, Jakub Kabenski, Double-U, Gadget Blues, Raven House Mystery, Michael Schwern, Bob de Builder, Derek Summers, Maria Gd, Melissa Hayes, Frazer Rymph, Brad Webb, Tim Smith, Jim Parshall

Written and presented by Robin Bailes @robinbailes
Edited by Graham Trelfer
Lon Chaney Shall Not Die! The Story of a Man With a 1000 Faces