lowaist gang si og sa mindoro 1958

Let’s go and join the safari of fun & laughter into a land of happy adventure. A typical gang whose weapon is strong camaraderie and friendship, the LoWaist Gang not until they were put into the test. Their leader (the young Fernando Poe Jr.) was summoned by his grandfather to go a place and find a hidden treasure. Everyone thought it was a challenging adventure until…Read the IMdb and other storylines for the complete plot. Starring Fernando Poe Jr., Chiquito, Berting Labra, Teresita Mendez, Boy Sta Romana, Bobby Gonzales, Elizabeth Ramsey and the Original LoWaist Gang Members. All Copyrights belong to the movie producer, scriptwriter, story writer, director, actors & actresses. From my personal movie-archive collection. Black & White.


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