Mafia Definitive Edition Part 21 Epilogue Credits Full HD Movie Game

Developer: Hangar 13
Series: Mafia
Publisher: 2K Games

Origin: In 2002, Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven established itself as an instant classic, with its cinematic storytelling akin to the greatest mobster movies, an immersive 1930s city full of authentic details, and tense action scenes that thrust you into the life of a gangster during the Prohibition Era. Now, the beloved, critically acclaimed original is being completely remade from the ground up as Mafia: Definitive Edition

Storyline : Mafia: Definitive Edition tells the story of Tommy Angelo, a hardworking cab driver who’s scraping by in the American city of Lost Heaven circa 1930. One fateful night, Tommy has an inadvertent brush with the Italian Mafia that showcases life of reward too big to ignore. Now he’s embedded in the brutal world of organized crime, doing jobs for Don Salieri’s organization as it wars with the vicious Morello crime family. As Tommy, you’ll have to establish yourself in Lost Heaven’s treacherous underworld, where all is not as it seems—including who your friends and foes really are.

Episode Summary: After Tommy Angelo’s confession to Detective Norman, the narrative skips to 1951, where Tommy narrates his life and trials to his family and in-laws during the wedding of his daughter. The cutscene shows vignettes of Tommy’s life behind bars during his eight year prison sentence from 1938-1946, and the fates of the surviving Salieri Crime Family members: Don Ennio Salieri is convicted and sentenced to life in prison, and Vincenzo Ricci and Ralph are arrested, convicted, and imprisoned for their criminal activities.

Game Play Played by Saptarshi Bose
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