Magnum Force – The Pimp’s Assassination

J.J. Wilson, a notorious pimp who murdered one of his prostitutes one night, is pulled over the next day by a traffic cop who fires his .357 Magnum five times at him. (overkill)

Dirty Harry: Magnum Force (1973)
Directed by: Ted Post
Screenplay & Story by: John Milius
Produced by: Robert Daley
Based on characters created by: Harry Julian Fink
R.M. Fink
Music by: Lalo Schifrin
Studio: The Malpaso Company
Distributed by: Warner Bros.
– Clint Eastwood as Inspector Harry Callahan
– Felton Smith as Earlington “Early” Smith
– Hal Holbrook as LT. Neil Briggs
– Mitchell Ryan as Charlie McCoy
– David Soul as John Davis
– Tim Matheson as Philip Sweet
– Robert Urich as Michael Grimes
– Kip Niven as Alan “Red” Astrachan