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Over an attempt to de-escalate tensions between the two nations, India and Pakistan launch Project Milaap, a prisoner exchange program. Raghavan Dutta, a former Indian special forces soldier discharged for murdering Pakistani citizens in revenge for the murder of his son, fires a shot at Gen. Bakshi, but Brigadier Shekhar Sharma takes the bullet at a press conference. Raghavan runs a militant group with a former comrade Captain Khan, set against peace between the two rival countries. On his deathbed, Shekhar informs his son, fellow soldier Major Ram, of his other son Lakshman and wife Madhu who left him 20 years ago because Shekhar had cheated on his wife with Ram’s mother. Shekhar asks Ram to bring his family together and that his ashes will be immersed by both his sons, saying that he can finally be at peace if his family forgives him.

Meanwhile, Ram’s boss, Gen. Bakshi, sends him undercover to protect his daughter Sanjana, who studies at St Pauls College in Darjeeling. Ram is initially hesitant to go there but agrees when Bakshi informs him that Lakshman also studies there. Gen. Bakshi convinces Ram to go there as a student as he won’t be able to spend enough time with Sanjana if he goes as a teacher. Ram finds it tough to adjust to college life because he is much older than everyone else. He encounters Sanjana and her love interest Lucky but both don’t want to know him for this reason. Another college student helps Ram hack the college computer to find out who Lakshman is, only to find that Lucky is in fact Lakshman. During a race to get the college flag, Lakshman is saved from falling off the university’s roof by Ram. The two of them and Sanjana then become friends, and Ram moves in with Lakshman and his mother, Madhu.

Outside a cinema, Ram saves his classmate, Percy, from an assassination attempt by Khan; Ram captures him, but his own true identity is found out by Raghavan, who arrives at the university masquerading as a teacher. Ram also brings Madhu and Lakshman closer by helping them bond during his stay there. Ram falls in love with his chemistry professor, Chandni, while Lakshman falls in love with Sanjana (after Ram and Chandni give her a makeover). At prom, Raghavan orders a kidnapping on Chandni, but she is saved by Ram. After meeting with Sanjana, Ram requests Raghavan to drop the pair to her father at her hostel, where Sanjana reconciles with her father. After this night, Sanjana and Chandni discover Ram’s true identity.

Staring – Shahrukh Khan
Director: Farah Khan
Producers: Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan
Distributed by: Eros International, Venus Worldwide Entertainment
Box office: ₹89.7 crores

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