MANDALORIAN Season 3 Episode 5 BREAKDOWN – Ending Explained + Star Wars Easter Eggs

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The Mandalorian episode 5 I a pivot point for the show. The mandalorians are coming together under Bo-Katan’s leadership to take back their homeworld, while Moff Gideon is still out there, plotting the rise of the first order.

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Written and Hosted by Ryan Arey (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Colton Ogburn, and Brianna McLarty.

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So a lot of people have been grumbling about this season’t plot threads, and how it all seems like random cutaway stories in the first half. But this is the episode where all the threads start to come together. The new republic, the amnesty program, the mandalorian religion–all of it is coming together here to start a larger story. In fact there are lots of teases for the sequel trilogy in this episode that set up the rise of the first order.

I loved the episode, let me know what you thought in the comments.

So we begin back on Navarro, the original home of the mandalorian covert back in season 1. I’ve pointed this out before, but every time we go back to Navarro the place is just a little bit nicer, as shown through the status of this nice pagoda outside of town. We also see a gonk power droid walking around in town–but this is a newer model, and not just the one that we saw being tortured in Jabba’s palace [clip].

And actually I’m not sure what this thing is, maybe you can let me know in the comments.

Doug: No need person, I will google it for you. Oh, free screencrush wifi? I dond;t know we had wifi, I thought we were in 1994. I’ll just connect.

Doug, no!

Doug: Oh shoot, why?

Because, it’s a scam. People use their laptops to set up a hotspot and they steal your identity. Luckily no one in here would do that. [cut to the sock puppet at a laptop]. You know you…have to wonder if this is gonna come into play a little later on. Back to the easter eggs.

In the booth outside the town we can see a gotal working, first seen by them in the mos eisley cantina in a new hope. And there’s also the same twi’lek renaissance band we saw a few episodes ago.

Creef Carga is in his office, planning the expansions to his city. This turns out to foreshadow the ending of the episode, when another leader, the armorer, begins to plan out the future of her people [clip]. The holo map makes the same sound we heard in the original trilogy [clips]. And the aurebesh on the map reads: East court, Pul Kushin, and landing yard–hereby that really sweet pagoda.

Doug: Man you sure are into pagodas.

Me, why am I a pagoda man? I make it my business to know pagodas [high five]. All of this is also setting up the big battle of the episode, letting us know where each part of the battle is going to be taking place.

The ship landing outside navarro looks like a razor crest, like din djarin’s old ship. [exploding, with arms wide open]

The droid here is a kind of protocol droid very similar to the one that drove Pershing’s taxi in the coruscant episode–and the design was based on Ralph Mcquarrie’s original design of C-3Po, which was based on Maria the robot from the 1927 classic metropolis I know I mention this fact eerie time, but you never know who’s watching the video for the first time.

And look, Greef carga seems like a really good high magistrate, he’s doing a decent job, but this [forgot the rail yard]. You kind of ended up planning the transportation systems first my guy. anyone who’s ever played sim city knows that.

And then, as foreshadowed in episode 1 this season, the pirate Gorian Shard comes to town. Remember, Din and Carga had a gunfight with some of his men back in episode 1 this season, and then Din got in a dogfight with the snub fighters that worked for Shaed–who looks like a cross between Mossman and pizza the Hutt.

So pirates rolling tino town to take over the joint is an old story trope that was very popular in westerns. In westerns outlaws would overrun a town of decent people who just wanted to live in peace. The people are always unable to defend themselves, and it takes a hero–or heroes–to come in and settle accounts. We see this in classics like High Noon, High plains drifter, Tombstone–and of course Kuroswa classics like Yojimbo and the Seven samurai.

However, this episode offers a neat twist on this trope that I’ll talk about later on.


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