MARTIN SCORSESE: GANGS, WOLVES, and DE NIRO vs. DICAPRIO battle – A Documentary | Life Story | Ep. 2

Part 1:
Martin Scorsese allows us to touch the magic of cinema with enviable regularity. For more than fifty years, he has been giving us great pictures. His style is exemplary. 26 feature films, dozens of documentaries and a couple of great series. His collaborations with De Niro, Pesci, Daniel Day Lewis and, of course, Leonardo DiCaprio bring out the best in these great actors. And his ability to turn books into visual storytelling is rightfully considered unique. Whether it’s the love story “The Age of Innocence”, the religious drama “Silence” or the crazy immoral memoir “The Wolf of Wall Street”. For the second part of the biography, I came up with a title that says it all: “30 years. 13 films. 9 Oscar nominations. 1 genius.”
I hope Martin’s biography will be two hours of informative and exciting content for you. Happy viewing.

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Narrated by Guy Barnes
Text edition by Trey Dunn

Segments from MARTIN SCORSESE DIRECTS (1990) are used courtesy of Pacific Street Films

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