MCU Fans Want Alan Ritchson to Play Sentry in Thunderbolts Following Steven Yeun’s Departure


  • Marvel fans want Alan Ritchson to take over from Steven Yeun as Sentry in the upcoming MCU movie Thunderbolts.
  • Ritchson’s portrayal of Jack Reacher in the Amazon series has led many to believe he is perfect for comic book movie roles.
  • While Ritchson is open to joining the MCU, he has expressed a desire to play Batman in the DCU.

Following the news that actor Steven Yeun has had to walk away from the upcoming MCU movie, Thunderbolts, Marvel fans think they know who they want to take his place. Yeun was hotly rumored to be playing the Marvel version of Superman, Sentry, in Thunderbolts, and fans have quickly taken to X (formerly Twitter) to declare that Reacher star Alan Ritchson should be called upon to take over the role.

Thanks to his stellar work and behemoth build as Jack Reacher in Amazon’s Reacher series, Ritchson is often cited as the perfect actor for various comic book movie roles. And it seems there are many Marvel fans who would love to see him join the Thunderbolts following Yeun’s departure.

Yeun has now confirmed that he was forced to walk away from Thunderbolts due to scheduling issues, with the actor still very much open to joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe some time down the line.

“I think for me, time passing and things shifting kind of pulled me out of it. But Jake [Schreier], I know, is going to do an incredible job. I wanna do a Marvel movie.”

“It took a lot of drafts on email to make sure that I conveyed the sincerity of how sorry I was to have to back out.”

So, what do you think of the idea of Alan Ritchson taking over as Sentry? Perhaps there’s a comic book movie role you think he’s better suited for, such as…

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Alan Ritchson Wants to Play Batman in the DCU

Alan Ritchson from Reacher alongside Batman.
Prime Video/DC Comics

While there are now many an MCU fan hoping to see Alan Ritchson suit up as Sentry, the actor himself has the DCU in mind, with the Reacher star recently stating his desire to play The Dark Knight himself, Batman.

“With all the rumors flying that I’m supposed to be playing Batman, how can I knock Batman? I would love to play Batman.”

Ritchson has played in the DC sandbox several times before, playing Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman in several episodes of The WB and The CW series, Smallville, alongside Tom Welling’s younger Clark Kent, as well as playing Hank Hall, aka Hawk in the HBO Max series Titans. Clearly, Ritchson is far from tired of starring in comic book adaptations, and he certainly has the build and the acting chops to bring something special to either the MCU, the DCU, or perhaps even both.

Ritchson can currently be seen reprising the role of Jack Reacher in the second season of Reacher. Season two, which is based on the novel Bad Luck and Trouble, picks up with the titular character who, after members of his old military unit start turning up dead, has just one thing on his mind: revenge.

Reactions to the second season of Reacher have been hugely positive, with many heaping praise on Ritchson’s lead performance as well as the adaptation as a whole. Both seasons of Reacher are now available to stream on Prime Video.

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