Meet The Most Brutal And Violent European Hells Angels – The Rise of Hells Angels Denmark (Re-Upload

This is a re-upload after my last version was taken down with about 80,000 views,
Hells Angel Denmark started as a bunch of unorganized boys, hanging out and driving there mopeds. But happenings in the USA, caught their attention, and soon they were the first 1 presenter club in the Nordic countries.
They became the most brutal and violent club in Europe, with almost half the original founding members earning the patch filthy few for murder, and doing long prison terms.
They annihilated their Danish rivals and were the leading Ha chapters in the great Nordic biker war against Bandidos and Outlaws, before declaring war on the immigrant gang community, something that would lead to their demise as the leading criminal group in Denmark.
This is the story of the most violent and brutal HA chapters in Europe, Hells Angel Denmark.

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