Mein Kampf: The Secrets of Hitler’s Book | WW2 Documentary

Ascent of Evil: The Story of Mein Kampf

00:00 The secrets of Mein kampf
04:10 November 1918, the beginning
07:05 Brasserie Putsch
10:01 Hitler’s detention
13:24 The writing of Mein Kampf
15:29 Race struggle
17:03 At the end of 1924, Hitler is released from prison and publishes his book
21:22 p.m. 1933, Hitler is appointed Chancellor
22:46 Propaganda
29:13 The ruthless enemy of the German people: FRANCE
31:43 Mein Kampf edition Fernand Sorlot
42:21 Europe is on the brink of war
44:31 Germany attacks Poland and part of Europe
47:37 Part of Nazified France
50:25 Germany accumulate defeats
52:19 Mein Kampf becomes a Long-Seller

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