MOTHER GOOSE | A Public Domain Short Film | London Gangster Movie

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A young up-and-coming crook is forced by a mob boss to infiltrate a powerful opposing criminal family, lead by a cutthroat matriarch known as Mother Goose.

MOTHER GOOSE is our fifteenth entry in this project, and the short film for May 2023. The winning genre was PUBLIC DOMAIN.

The film was made by James Darroch
, Kat Forrester
, Susan Jean
, Alexander Jones
, Georgie Sivier, Patrice Hammond, Scott Doar, Chris Wood, Aaron Jelley, Ruth Agnew, Brendhan Lovegrove, Henry Hickman, Alex Hickman, Isabel Lutz, Michael Adams, Marilyn Ollett, Remy Duval, Charitee Adams, Johnny Adams, Dan Heaphy, Mark Darbyshire, Dee Patel, Grace Duval, with an original score by Tom Klever.

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CONTENT NOTICE: This film includes portrayals of graphic violence. Viewer discretion is advised.


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