Motown BLACK Mafia Families: Detroit Eddie Jackson and Courtney Brown| Al Profit American Dope

Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory is the most dynamic and well known American born gangster since John Gotti. Big Meech and BMF (Black Mafia Family) have influenced American pop culture more than any criminal in recent history, and now Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is set to bring his story to the Television screen with a new series on Starz, following up the hit “Power”.
Eddie Jackson and Courtney Brown were the biggest Kingpins in Detroit during the 1970’s. This Al Profit documentary is the legendary “Motown Mafia” #

My documentary “Motown Mafia” the story of the Eddie Jackson and Courtney Brown organization that dominated the “game” in Detroit.
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Check out part 1 of the Detroit Classic “Rollin”:
00:00:00 Big Meech Detroit Legend
00:01:30 1973 Detroit Heroin Kingpins
00:02:26 Black Bottom & Paradise valley Detroit
00:07:31 1967 Riot Detroit
00:08:18 Dope Game takes over Detroit
00:10:21 Motown Mafia Connect John Classen
00:20:43 Detroit Police Corruption
00:23:46 Courtney Brown, Sr gets in the game
00:24:58 Ali-Frazier & the Gambino Mafia
00:27:05 Eddie Jackson the Crowd Pleaser
00:34:44 Biggest Kingpins in America
00:38:33 Motown Mafia
00:41:36 Murder City Henry Marzette
00:45:41 Biggest Heroin Bust in Michigan History
00:47:35 Eddie Jackson Indictment
00:49:46 Black Gangsters move to the Suburbs
01:01:28 Money Laundering
01:04:44 Frank Lucas vs Eddie Jackson
01:06:20 Black Corleone Family


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