Murder Mystery | Full Movie in English | Thriller, Drama, Crime

Amy Bradford, the beautiful small town veterinarian and crime scene investigator, just lost her best friend in a car accident. It seems like the last straw in a series of pain and tragedy that has her questioning her Christian faith and her future. When she learns her friend’s death was actually a murder, she must set aside her grief and find the strength to solve the crime, and thwart a cyber-attack on the secret government facility where her dad works. There’s a handsome detective in town who may be her true love, or the killer.

“Mount Hideaway Mysteries” is a thrilling film series that revolves around a cozy mountain town named Mount Hideaway and the intriguing mysteries that unfold in its peaceful yet enigmatic surroundings. In this suspenseful saga, a group of young friends, led by their resourceful and curious leader Leeah, takes it upon themselves to solve various mysteries and uncover hidden secrets lurking beneath the surface of their quaint town.

As they embark on a series of adventures, the tight-knit group of friends uncovers long-buried mysteries, confronts challenges, and unravels complex puzzles. Each installment of “Mount Hideaway Mysteries” presents a unique and thrilling story, testing the group’s intelligence, resilience, and camaraderie.

With a mix of suspense, drama, and a touch of humor, this captivating series offers a blend of heartwarming moments and spine-tingling intrigue that will keep viewers of all ages eagerly awaiting each new mystery. “Mount Hideaway Mysteries” is a rollercoaster of emotions, where friendships are forged and mysteries are solved, one thrilling episode at a time.

Film genre: crime, mystery, drama

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