Must Watch Movies SCARFACE

Scarface is a 1983 blockbuster hit directed by Brian De-Palma starring Al-Pacino. The film tells the story of a Cuban refugee who comes to Miami in 1980 and becomes a drug dealer and from there his raise to a don. This movie was elected as one of the best American gangster films ever made. Now let’s discuss about the positives and negatives. The main positive in the movie is definitely Al-Pacino. From the beginning till the end the way he caries his character is outstanding and am giving a 10/10 for his performance. The other positive factors of the movie are director Brian De-Palma, writer Oliver Stone, and the cinematographer John.A.Alonzo. When we consider about the negative factors, there are only a few. One is the extreme violence, second is the strong language, and third is the hard drug usage. These negatives can be ignored because all these are part of a gangster movie. This movie is still loved and accepted by many all over the world. Even the filmmakers can’t avoid this movie. Am saying this in the light of an Indian movie (Tamil) released recently. Am not going to say the movie name. The first half of that movie is similar to that of Scarface. Anyways Scarface is a must watch movie.