Mystery Theater 2 Book 2 by Carl Amari · Audiobook preview


Mystery Theater 2
Mystery Theater · Book 2
Authored by Carl Amari
Narrated by Various

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A collection of suspenseful radio dramas hosted by Christopher Lee that will take listeners through thrilling perplexities set in the era of the forties and fifties. 

Gang Busters, originally aired 12/18/1948
“Appointment with Death” with Lesley Woods
A policeman traps a cop-killer.
The Weird Circle, originally aired 01/30/1944
“The Tell-Tale Heart” with with Erik Bauersfeld
A man tries to keep from going insane while admitting to killing an old man.
Dimension X, originally aired 04/15/1950
“With Folded Hands” with Phillip Bourneuf & Alexander Scourby
The perfect “mechanicals” from another planet make humans unnecessary, and they are always “at your service.”
Suspense, originally aired 12/05/1947
“The Clock and the Rope” with Jackie Cooper
A man is sentenced to be hanged for murder…because the only witness to his innocence has disappeared.
Sherlock Holmes, originally aired 10/26/1947
“The Laughing Lemur of Hightower Heath” with John Stanley & Alfred Shirley
A Halloween story of witchcraft and the supernatural.
The Mysterious Traveler, originally aired 02/27/1944
“The Good Die Young” with Maurice Tarplin and Betty Jane Tyler
Young Sondra detests her new stepmother and is determined to get rid of her as soon as possible.
Dangerous Assignment, originally aired 07/09/1949
“Relief Supplies” with Brian Donlevy
Steve Mitchell’s first assignment is to find out who is stealing the shipments of the Throp Foundation. This involves a trip to Sicily…and a tangle with Laranzo the Bandit.
Escape, originally aired 07/14/1947
“Operation Fleur de Lys” with Jack Webb
A wartime thriller about a resistance guerilla band behind the enemy lines in occupied France.
Richard Diamond, Private Detective, originally aired 05/22/1949
“Stolen Purse and Counterfeit Ring” with Dick Powell
A little old lady gives Diamond a seemingly valueless black purse. Everyone wants it very badly…bad enough to kill for it.
Boston Blackie, originally aired 07/02/1946
“Uncle Frank Murdered By Joe Parker” with Dick Kollmar
Joe Parker kills Uncle Frank Miller on Tuesday, but sets up a beautiful alibi. Farraday knows Parker did it, but can’t prove it. It’s up to Blackie to crack the alibi.
X Minus One, originally aired 07/14/1955
“Dr. Grimshaw’s Sanatorium” with Bill Lipton & Peter Capell
Take missing bodies in a mental hospital and add a mad scientist or two—stir well for horror!
This Is Your FBI, originally aired…


Carl Amari is a film and television producer; founder of Radio Spirits, the world’s largest marketer and distributor of classic radio programs; host of the radio program, Hollywood 360; and produced and directed The Twilight Zone Radio Dramas.


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Language: English
Publisher: Penguin Random House Audio
Published on: February 23, 2021
ISBN: 9780593409053
Duration: 5 hr, 27 min
Genres: Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Traditional, Fiction / Science Fiction / General, Performing Arts / Radio / General