News is subjective – Alain Stephens | Season 1 Ep 15

Alain Stephens, a journalist with a non-traditional background in law enforcement, military service, and sociology, brings a unique perspective to storytelling by immersing himself in the old-school approach of getting his hands dirty and personally connecting with people to understand the impact of their stories. As a staff writer for The Trace, a dedicated outlet for reporting on gun violence, Stephens not only covers developments in firearms technology and the ATF but also serves as the reporter and host of “The Gun Machine,” a podcast exploring how America was shaped by the gun industry, produced in collaboration with WBUR & The Trace. Having transitioned from a career as a law enforcement officer in the U.S. Coast Guard and Air Force, Stephens, a Black, biracial Texan, brings firsthand insight into the racial and cultural implications of gun culture. His investigative work at The Trace, including probes into auto sears, toy guns, and ghost guns, has resulted in congressional action, reflecting his commitment to public safety, civil rights, and criminal justice reforms. Now serving as The Trace’s West Coast Correspondent, Alain continues to cover emerging gun technologies, law enforcement, and firearms trafficking, with his impactful contributions featured on prominent media platforms such as Vice, NPR, USA Today, and the Daily Beast.

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