Night Court 1932 Eddie Chandler his life Pre Code Film Noir Crime Drama Ahita Page Lewis Stone

Eddie Candler a WWI vet turned actor. His face was in hundreds of films but his name was not. Learn about a heavy duty bit actor in 2 minutes or less then stay tuned to see Eddie in a kick ass early drama.

Night Court-1932-The judge in this night court is so corrupt he wouldn’t know a joke if it was in front of him..

Phillips Holmes-Mike Thomas
Walter Huston-Judge Andrew J. Moffett
Anita Page-Mary Thomas
Lewis Stone-Judge William Osgood
Mary Carlisle-Elizabeth Osgood
John Miljan-Crawford
Jean Hersholt-Herman – the Janitor
Tully Marshall-Grogan
Noel Francis-Lil Baker
Reginald Barlow-District Attorney Grant(uncredited)
Clarence Burton-Detective Madigan(uncredited)
Frederick Burton-Judge Oscar ‘Jim’ Erskine(uncredited)
Eddy Chandler-Thug Beating Up Mike(uncredited)
George Cooper-Safecracking Thug(uncredited)
Henry Hall-Committee Man(uncredited)
DeWitt Jennings-Court Policeman(uncredited)
Lew Kelly-Mr. Davis – Social Worker(uncredited)
George Magrill-Strong Arm Man(uncredited)

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