North Korea and the triads: gangsters, ghost ships and spies | FT Film

A convicted gambling tycoon, a Hong Kong gold trader, and a racing car driver from Macau: the FT and think-tank Rusi reveal some of the individuals behind a network connecting Chinese criminal groups to North Korean oil procurement and intelligence operations which help to sustain the country’s military and nuclear weapons programme

00:00 Gangsters, ghost ships and spies
00:55 Why oil?
03:40 Tracking the ghost ships
06:16 North Korean defector
07:44 Loyalty to the leader
08:03 NK turns to criminals
09:22 UN oil cap
11:04 Sanctions ramp up
12:20 The triads
12:50 Intimidating ship crew
14:03 Why Hong Kong?
14:27 Gary To
15:53 Alvin Chau and casinos
16:44 Broken Tooth
20:05 Macau
21:37 Sun Tit Fan
23:26 China and North Korea
26:57 Nuclear North Korea
28:32 “They were seen as a joke”
29:08 Who is to blame?
30:36 What can be done?
33:39 Rights to reply

#northkorea #triads #kimjongun #gangster #ghostship #spies

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