Nylon Noose 1963 | Crime | Richard Goodman, Olga Sommerfeld | Full Movie

A company’s stockholders hold their meeting at a spooky mansion, where a mad doctor is also conducting experiments in the mansion. Meanwhile bodies keep showing up with nylon noose strangulation marks as the cause of death…

0:00 “Nylon Noose (1963): A Gripping Crime Mystery Unraveled by an Inspector, Blackmail Letters, and a Sinister Plot at Elford Manor”
5:23 πŸ” An inspector investigates a murder at a bar and finds a clue related to an upcoming event.
14:04 πŸ”Ž A conversation unfolds about the investigation of a murder and the presence of the police.
20:12 πŸ“ A group of individuals at Elford Manor are being questioned about receiving blackmail letters, with some admitting to paying while others refuse to do so.
27:23 πŸ” A scientist investigates an unusual phenomenon related to mummification and aims to transfer the preservation process to living humans.
36:08 πŸ” Inspector Harvey questions Miss Stone about a note and asks her to go to the catacombs alone.
41:59 πŸ’Ž A conversation reveals past secrets, forgiveness, and a new plan.
52:22 πŸ’Ž A conversation about late mortgage payments, selling diamonds, and a possible murder plot unfolds.
1:03:06 πŸ’₯ A tense conversation takes place between two individuals, leading to a revelation about a murder and a plan for revenge.

Original Title: Die Nylonschlinge
Director: Rudolf Zehetgruber
Writers: Fred Ignor, Thomas Engel
Stars: Richard Goodman, Olga Sommerfeld, Laya Raki