Opening title for ‘Gangster Cop’ (Japan 1970).

Yakuza Deka (やくざ刑事, also known as Yakuza Cop, The International Secret Police, and Gangster Cop) is a Japanese film released in 1970. It features Sonny Chiba.This is the first film in the Yakuza Deka series.

Yakuza Deka aka Gangster Cop

Directed by Yukio Noda

Written by Fumio Konami

Produced by Kazunori Ota

Starring Sonny Chiba

Cinematography Yoshio Nakajima

Edited by Osamu Tanaka

Music by Masao Yagi

Distributed by Toei Company

Release date May 23, 1970

Running time 89 minutes

Country Japan

Language Japanese


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