Our Gang – Dogs Of War! – 1923 -classic film – theater short – free – public domain – Little Rascals

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Information from Wikipedia.

Released on July, 1, 1923

The film is a silent short subject was released to theaters. The short was filmed alongside Why Worry?, a feature comedy produced by Roach and starring Harold Lloyd, who makes a cameo appearance in Dogs of War as himself.

Near West Coast Studios in Hollywood, the gang is waging a street war against a rival group of kids; their ammunition primarily consisting of old vegetables. The battle is halted when Mary is called to act in one of the West Coast films. The rest of the gang tries to crash the studio gates and get a role in the picture, but the casting director throws them out. Farina manages to sneak into the studio, however, prompting the other kids to sneak in after her. Several chases throughout the property then ensue and the gang eventually escapes.

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