Our Gang Silent Comedy Movie Back Stage Film 1923

Our Gang Silent Comedy Movie Back Stage Film 1923

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The gang has created a donkey-powered double-decker bus over the foundation of an old car. Ernie rides the donkey inside the conveyance and signals to Farina to open a feedbox to get the thing going. A feather duster is used to get it to sound off as the horn, and to go into reverse, a strap pulls its tail to walk backward. Whenever Farina falls asleep, Ernie turns a crack to wake him up.

Mickey is the tour guide with soda-bottle binoculars, and Jackie Condon the conductor. They drive around in it when they meet up with the head of a second-rate vaudeville touring show who encourages them to join him in his act at the Greenpoint Theater. Without even trying, the gang manages to wreck the entire show, having a good time in the process.