Our Gang Silent Films – No. 10, Boys to Board

This is another from my collection of Our Gang Silent Films which are now all in the Public Domain and sadly, rarely seen anymore.

Many thanks to TheLuckyCorner.com for providing the details of these films!


Ernie “Sunshine Sammy” Morrison
Featured role. Maltin & Bann indicate that the usual nickname was used, but these prints don’t reveal anything. He appears pretty much throughout the film, delivering Joe to the boarding school, then having to wash dishes to pay for the damage his dog has done. He then helps the boys escape that night.

Joe Cobb
Featured role. He’s the new boy at the boarding school, and appears in most of the scenes.

Jackie Condon
Featured role. He provides some comic relief in the classroom, being the victim of a pea-shooter, and ultimately getting the dunce cap.

Mickey Daniels
Featured role. He mostly causes mischief in the classroom and gets into a fight with Jack Davis.

Jack Davis
Supporting role. Most of what he does is ensemble work, but he’s clearly a main player in this film.

Andy Samuel
Supporting role. This is one of the few films he was strongly featured in prior to Jack Davis’s departure from the series. He later said that he was often used for the more risky stuff, since he was 13 at the time. It may be him doubling for the other boys as they climb down the rope they’ve made out of sheets.

Allen “Farina” Hoskins
Supporting role. There’s no indication whether or not his nickname was used in this film. He gets relatively little screen time, at least in these prints, but is the one that leads the gang into the bootlegger’s hideout.


Richard Daniels as “‘Pop’ Malone”
Featured role. He’s the benevolent patriarch of the orphanage and decides to escape with the kids. He’s seen pretty much throughout the film.

Helen Gilmore as “‘Mother’ Malone”
Featured role. She’s the nasty old woman who eventually caves in when her husband returns home with renewed confidence.

Clara Guiol as the household helper
Supporting role. She appears sporadically and is terrified of Gilmore.

Charles Stevenson as “‘Moonshine’ Mose”
Small part. He’s the bootlegger and appears towards the end of the film.

Wallace Howe as the sheriff
Small part. He appears towards the end to arrest Stevenson.


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