Our Gang: The Silent Films No. 15 – Lodge Night

Joe arrives as the new boy in school, and the boys decide to initiate him into their secret club, the Cluck Cluck Klams. During the proceedings, a couple of auto thieves break into the barn, and when they make their getaway, Farina and Jackie are in the back seat. Reportedly, one of the film’s gag writers was future Oscar-winning director Frank Capra.

The Gang:

Joe Cobb as Joe
Jackie Condon as John ‘Jackie’ Condon
Mickey Daniels as Michael ‘Mickey’ Daniels
Jack Davis as John ‘Jack’ Davis
Allen Hoskins as Farina
Mary Kornman as Mary
Ernest Morrison as Ernie
Elmo Billings as Elmo, club member
Richard Billings as Richard Billings, club member
Andy Samuel as Andrew ‘Andy’ Samuel
George “Freckles” Warde as Club member