Prince of the City (1981) The Best True Crime Movie You’ve NEVER Seen

Filmmaker Sidney Lumet is highly regarded as one of the greatest filmmakers to ever work inside of the Hollywood System. Lumet’s first feature film was the drama set piece ’12 Angry Men’ which to this day is still regarded by many as the high water mark for ensemble performances on screen. ’12 Angry Men’ also began Lumet’s sub career in being a filmmaker who made some of his most revered works about the grey area between heroes and villains and Law and Order in our cities. These include to name a few ‘The Offense’ staring Sean Connery about a tense police interrogation that becomes about ones own sanity and policing methods. The incredible true story of ‘Dog Day Afternoon’ starring Al Pacino about a stand off between police and thieves during a botched bank job, the great often over looked procedural film, Q & A about the extreme importance of every detail in the court process and perhaps most famously ‘Serpico’ staring Al Pacino which tells the true story of a New York City cop who refuses to go on the take. In 1981 Lumet continued his work in the crime genre with the movie I want to talk about now, the true story of a New York city narcotics division cop who turned against corruption in the police force and began a chain of events that would cause death, destruction and pain amount his fellow offices, a crisis of conscience in himself and doubts about trust and friendship in everyone and everything around him. In ‘Serpico’ Lumet had made a film about corruption concerning a good cop against bad ones, but in this episode I want to discuss Lumet’s later 1981 film ‘Prince of the City’ which discusses the grey area between good and bad and presents some good guys like untrustworthy sinners and some bad guys like trust worthy friends. Based on the true story of narcotics cop Robert Leuci and the book based on his story, by famed ex- deputy police commissioner turned writer Robert Daley this is Sidney Lumet’s film of ‘Prince of the City’.

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