Rain 1932 — Drama / Crime Movie Full Movie

ain 1932 — Drama / Crime Movie Full Movie

Taglines: A woman without shame. A woman without a soul.
Meet – Sadie Thompson.
You Men! You’re All Alike…PIGS – I Wouldn’t Trust Any of You!!!

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IMDb Rating: 6.9 out of 10

A prostitute newly arrived in the South Pacific finds herself at odds with a stern missionary determined to save her soul.

For residents on the idyllic South Seas island of Pago Pago, life is simple until a boat arrives carrying two couples, the Davidsons (who are missionaries), the MacPhails and a prostitute named Sadie Thompson. Davidson is more than just a religious zealot; he’s a mad man. When the boat, which was en route to another port, is temporarily stranded on the island due to a possible Cholera outbreak on-board, Sadie spends her time “partying” with the American soldiers stationed on the island. Her behavior, however, is more than the Davidsons can stand and soon Mr. Davidson confronts Sadie about her evil ways and offers salvation. When Sadie rebels and the attempted redemption does not go as planned, Davidson arranges to have her sent back to San Francisco, where she fled some years ago due to mysterious personal issues. Davidson soon becomes unhinged and thus begins a series of surprising events which culminate in disaster. —Eva1-1

Rating Rotten Tomatoes: Tomatometer: 86%
Audience Score: 65%

In the South Pacific, the passengers of a boat must disembark prematurely at the island of Pago Pago due to a cholera scare. Among them are missionaries Alfred Davidson (Walter Huston) and his wife (Beulah Bondi), and a spirited prostitute, Sadie Thompson (Joan Crawford). On the island, Thompson lives it up with the American soldiers stationed in the village and captures the heart of Sgt. Tim O’Hara (William Gargan). But Thompson’s wild ways are too much for Davidson, who tries to convert her.

Synopsis: Spoiler?
One drop of rain falls to the ground, then more drops and finally the rain becomes heavy, filling the rain barrel. The rain falls on palm leaves and other tropical plants.

We are in Pago Pago, a village in an American Samoa isle, where Marines are stationed.

For residents of the village, life is simple, involving fishing.

A steamer en route to another port, is temporarily quarantined there when one sailor appears to have contracted cholera. Because of the heavy rains, the ship must stay longer than anticipated.

Five passengers on the boat must come ashore. They are Alfred Davidson (Walter Huston), a missionary, his wife Martha (Beulah Bondi), Dr. McPhail and his wife (Matt Moore and Kendall Lee), and Sadie Thompson (Joan Crawford), a prostitute.

The only accommodations are at a general store that doubles as a hotel, run by Joe Horn (Guy Kibbee) and his native wife (Mary Shaw). Mr. Horn is a genial and usually drunk innkeeper, who fusses, chortles, philosophizes, and who readily admits that he is escaping from America during the Prohibition years.

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Plot: Spoilers?
A westbound ship en route to Apia, Samoa, is temporarily stranded at nearby Pago Pago due to a possible cholera outbreak on board. Among the passengers are Alfred Davidson, a self-righteous missionary, his wife, and Sadie Thompson, a prostitute. Thompson passes the time partying and drinking with the American Marines stationed on the island. Sergeant Tim O’Hara, nicknamed by Sadie as “Handsome”, falls in love with her.

Her wild behavior soon becomes more than the Davidsons can stand and Mr. Davidson confronts Sadie, resolving to save her soul. When she dismisses his offer, Davidson has the Governor order her deported to San Francisco, California, where she is wanted for an unspecified crime (for which she says she was framed). She begs Davidson to allow her to remain on the island for a few more days – her plan is to flee to Sydney, Australia. During a heated argument with Davidson, she experiences a religious conversion and agrees to return to San Francisco and the jail sentence awaiting her there.

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