Ralph Reads 📚 (Vol.1) “Midnight: A Gangster Love Story” by Sister Souljah

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Reintroducing The Beloved Sister Souljah and her second novel. This is actually a prequel where we are once again introduced to Midnight, the young African born man telling about his misadventures upon arrival at the US.Chapters 1 thru 5.

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Midnight: A Gangster Love Story Volume One Timestamps…

00:00:00 Nintendo 1981/ Station Identification/ Advisory (Rated TV-14 for SD/TE/BP&GV)
00:00:28 Ads The Renpet Phenomenom
00:01:07 Our Feature Presentation
00:01:24 #RGP Ralph Garcia Productions
00:01:48 Opening Music by Josh Lippi and The Overtimers “St. Francis” (Live At The Tiny Desks)
00:04:06 Intro
00:05:16 Dedication
00:05:48 Acknowledgements
00:08:49 Chapter 1: Word To Life
00:24:42 Chapter 2: Before Midnight
00:39:33 Chapter 3: The Three Pigs
00:44:04 Chapter 4: Dequan
01:00:20 Chapter 5: The Lost Boys
01:27:37 Outro

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