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A new reigning ’60s international sex symbol took to the cinematic throne as soon as Raquel Welch emerged from the sea in her purposely depleted, furry prehistoric bikini.
After a major dry spell following the death of Marilyn Monroe in 1962, the auburn-maned Ms. Welch effortlessly assumed Marilyn’s place and forever wiped away the notion that enduring sex goddesses came only in one form — bottled blonds.
aquel took advantage of her modest singing and dancing abilities by performing in splashy Las Vegas showroom acts and starring in such plausible stage vehicles as “Woman of the Year” and “Victor/Victoria.” Still a dazzler broaching age 70, Raquel continues to show up here and there and still can turn heads. She has even spoofed her own diva image on occasion, most memorably on Seinfeld (1989).
No fan of westerns, gangster movies or film noir should ignore the films of Raoul Walsh – he made some of the very best. And was there from the start.
Raquel Welch’s death in February 2023 shone a spotlight on a diverse career that popular culture had so often tried to reduce to a stone age fur bikini.
in this video we cover The 5 best Raquel Welch movies.
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