Raymond Chandler “The Unseen” Noir Murder Drama Joel McCrea Gail Russell Herbert Marshall

The Unseen is a 1945 American film noir mystery film directed by Lewis Allen and starring Joel McCrea.

Raymond Chandler was one of the writers of the script. It’s based on the 1942 novel Midnight House (US title: Her Heart in Her Throat) by Ethel Lina White.

The film was the follow-up vehicle to The Uninvited (1944), in which star Gail Russell surged to popularity.

An old homeless woman is murdered after seeing a light through the basement window of abandoned 11 Crescent Drive. Young Barney Fielding witnesses this from his window next door at number 10.

Elizabeth Howard (Gail Russell), arrives at the house to be governess to Barney and his sister, Ellen, but is met with aggression from the boy who is unusually attached to their former governess, Maxine, and tells her: “You’re my enemy! I hate you!” Elizabeth’s room overlooks the garden of the eerie house next door, and she finds a watch that belonged to the murdered old woman in her dressing table.


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