ROBBERY | Full Movie | Action Thriller Crime

ROBBERY | Full Movie | Action Thriller Crime

The film “ROBBERY ” tells the story of musician Gram Parsons, who died of an overdose in the desert in 1973. His close friends, including his road manager, decide to fulfill his last wish – to cremate his body in Joshua Tree National Park. A dangerous journey begins, during which they encounter criminal elements, the police, and their own internal conflicts.

Their mission becomes a test of friendship, loyalty, and belief in dreams. Amidst tension, unpredictable circumstances, and moral dilemmas, the characters reveal their true values and ability to make decisions in critical situations. This story prompts viewers to reflect on the importance of friendship, loyalty, and life values, showing that even in the darkest moments, a glimmer of hope and dedication to one’s ideals can be trinianpal72 found.

Director – David Caffrey

Writers – Jeremy Drysdale, David Caffrey

Stars – Johnny Knoxville, Christina Applegate, Marley Shelton

Action, Crime, Thriller

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