“Runaway Train” – 1924 Home movie from the Our Gang short, “Sundown Limited”

In 2013, I managed to snag a rare, silent 16mm home movie from 1924 called “Runaway Train,” a new short made from sequences from the original Our Gang film “Sundown Limited.” Upon attempting to play it back on my projector, the film was discovered to be brittle and was unfortunately damaged beyond normal playability. However, in 2017, I took the opportunity of my digital media skills and using a long-outdated, but still compatible, paper scanner from 1998 since it was the free option (and I was broke) and using my high school computer, I was able to scan the entire damaged film without any issue regarding scanning. I then spent 3 painstaking weeks editing each scanned image to insure the best possible stability and quality. I was able to export this video in the original film frame rate of 18 frames per second. This video quality is not the greatest since I was using only the materials available to me, and it was the best I could do at the time. I hope to make a higher-quality scan of this film someday since my digital media skills are constantly improving, especially now that I’m in college. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this rare short which includes previously lost extended footage not present on the surviving short this sources from!

Our Gang/Little Rascals (PD) 1922-4 MGM/Pathé


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