Scarface Soundtrack – Unreleased Music By Giorgio Moroder

Scarface is a 1983 American crime drama film directed by Brian De Palma, written by Oliver Stone, produced by Martin Bregman and distributed by Universal Pictures. It is a remake of the 1932 film and tells the story of Cuban refugee Tony Montana (Al Pacino) who arrives in 1980s Miami with nothing and rises to become a powerful drug lord. The cast also features Steven Bauer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Robert Loggia. The film’s soundtrack was composed by Academy Award-winning Italian record producer Giorgio Moroder. The film grossed $45 million at the domestic box office and $66 million worldwide. Screenwriters and directors such as Martin Scorsese have praised the film and it is now considered by some to be one of the best films in the crime genre, and one of the greatest remakes ever made. Entertainment Weekly ranked the film #8 on their list of “The Top 50 Cult Films,” and Empire Magazine placed it among the top 500 films of all time, at #284. In 2009, Total Film listed it at number 9 on their list of the 30 Greatest Gangster movies.

0:00 Giorgio Moroder – The World Is Mine
3:13 Joe Esposito – Success
7:11 Beth Andersen – Right Combination
10:53 Giorgio Moroder – Shoot And Drive Away
11:59 Giorgio Moroder – Disco “79
14:00 Giorgio Moroder – Hector’s Chainsaw
15:20 Giorgio Moroder – Bolivia
19:48 Giorgio Moroder – Little Havana
23:22 Giorgio Moroder – Attempt On Tony
24:47 Giorgio Moroder – On The Way To Frank
26:48 Giorgio Moroder – The World Is Yours
28:35 Giorgio Moroder – No Wife, No Kids
31:12 Giorgio Moroder – Manny’s Theme
34:57 Giorgio Moroder – Sosa’s Theme
37:31 Giorgio Moroder – The World Is Yours (Ending Titles)


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