Sci-Fi, Crime, Adventure – 1954 – Full Movie – 720p

1hr17min- Two scientists, Dr. Harrison (Charles Drake, “Step Down to Terror”) and Prof. Nordstrom (Taylor Holmes, “Beware, My Lovely”) develop the robot, Tobor (that’s “Robot” backwards, in case you didn’t catch it, portrayed by stuntman J. Lewis Smith) for space flight, intending that he should be controlled by ESP. They announce their plans at a worldwide press conference, which tips off a commie spy (Steven Geray, “The Evil of Frankenstein”). He and his henchmen kidnap Nordstrom and his grandson (Billy Chapin, “Violent Saturday”), but Nordstrom cleverly signals Tobor to come to their rescue. Watch this one through child eyes and you won’t be disappointed. The relationship between Tobor and the boy is touching, while the scenes of Tobor in action are very cool. But, what really makes this film so special is its marvelous surplus of pure heart. A disarmingly sweet little 50’s, sci-fi treat.