Sexton Blake and The Hooded Terror (1938) Horror/Crime full movie

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Sexton Blake (George Curzon) is out to save the day one more time when he goes up against the Black Quorum. A powerful and deadly gang run by millionaire stamp collector Michael Lorran (Tod Slaughter) who wears a black hooded, snake emblazoned robe and enjoys the task of sending helpless woman to the death chamber. Blake with the help of his pal Tinker (Tony Sympson) track the gang down to a hideout in London were he’s been captured and left to die but instead is saved by femme fatale Julie (Greta Gynt) an intelligence agent who’s been trailing them too. Watch out for trapdoors, deathtraps and deadly snakes in this one. This is a 1930s Horror/Crime movie full movie in english, enjoy.

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