She became A Don to Ki*l Dawood Ibrahim | Sapna Didi| India’s Most Wanted Dons Ep. 3 ft.Nikita Pawar

On Screen : Nikita Pawar
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Ashraf Khan was a simple and innocent woman who had no clue about the mafia dons that ruled the streets of Mumbai. But, what changed? How did she become Sapna Didi, a fearless woman who hunted criminals in the dark and brought them to justice? Why did she challenge one of the most feared underworld dons in India, Dawood Ibrahim? Why was it her life’s mission to kill him?

In this video, we talk about the great lengths Sapna Didi went to avenge her husband’s death. She entered the dark side of Mumbai and helped the police in arresting several notorious gangsters. Her unwavering bravery and determination to take on the powerful mafia inspired many others to fight against injustice. She emerged as a symbol of hope for those who were oppressed by the mafia.

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