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Sheba, Baby is a 1975 American Blaxploitation action film directed by William Girdler and starring Pam Grier and Austin Stoker.

Private investigator Sheba Shayne (Grier) returns from Chicago, Illinois to her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, to confront thugs who are trying to intimidate her father Andy into dissolving or handing over his family insurance company business. Sheba teams up with her father’s partner, Brick Williams, and killed when the vehicle explodes. The local police warn Sheba against continuing to pursue her investigation, but she persists.
Later, four gangsters show up at Andy’s office and open fire. Sheba kills three of them, but Andy is shot and killed during the battle. Sheba’s investigation leads to an apartment complex, where another shootout ensues. After a chase into a nearby amusement park, Sheba extracts a confession from a gangster named Pilot that the local gang is controlled by an insurance salesman called Shark Merrill.
Sheba joins a party aboard Shark’s yacht but is identified and captured. After the gang does away with Pilot by tying him to a speedboat and dragging him through the water at high speed, they attempt to do the same to Sheba, but she escapes using a knife she had hidden in her wet suit to cut the rope. As Brick leads the police to the yacht and another gun battle breaks out, Shark tries to escape in a speedboat, but Sheba gives chase on a jet ski and kills him with a spear gun. Brick urges Sheba to continue their relationship, but Sheba insists on returning to Chicago, though she promises to return to see him again since they are now business partners.

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