Small Faces (1996, full movie)

Three brothers. Bobby’s in a gang. Alan’s in love. Lex is in trouble…
In the inner city ganglands of 1960’s Glasgow, urban decay is rife, territory all and woe betide those who break Boundaries. On one side, the Glens, led by the suavely sinister Charlie and on the other, the Tongs, headed by “mental” Malky (Kevin McKidd – Trainspotting).

In between are the brothers MacLean. When the youngestm Lex, a 13 year old with ideas above his station, “inadvertently” shoots Malky in the face with an air-pistol, the brothers become irreversibly embroiled in a gang war beyond their control.

“Life, death, sex, violence, alcohol, airguns, 60’s babes in short skirts – Small Faces has the lot.”
– Loaded