So’s Your Aunt Emma 1942 Crime Comedy Zasu Pitts Full Length Film Movie

“So’s Your Aunt Emma” is a crime-comedy film released in 1942, directed by Jean Yarbrough. The story revolves around a young man named Eddie and his involvement in a series of comic misadventures. After discovering a dead body in his apartment, Eddie becomes entangled in a murder mystery. To clear his name, he teams up with his eccentric Aunt Emma and a wisecracking reporter. The film combines elements of comedy, mystery, and romance as the characters navigate a web of misunderstandings and unexpected twists to solve the crime. With its lighthearted humor and engaging plot, “So’s Your Aunt Emma” is representative of the screwball comedies popular during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

“So’s Your Aunt Emma” (1942) features the following main cast:

Zasu Pitts as Aunt Emma Bates
Roger Pryor as Jim Overton
Warren Hymer as Eddie Harrington
Douglas Fowley as Police Lt. Gus Jordan
Barbara Pepper as Bessie Sparrowbush
Marjorie Gateson as Mrs. Van Daam
Byron Foulger as Professor Sparrowbush

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