Stagecoach Outlaws 1945 Colorized Western Cowboy Full Movie Starring: Buster Crabbe & Fuzzy St. John

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Kirby sends his henchmen to break killer Matt Brawley out of jail. But Brawley has already broken out and they return with Fuzzy instead. Realizing they think he’s Brawley, Fuzzy plays the part. He and Bill plan to round up the gang but Fuzzy is in trouble when the real Brawley shows up to expose the hoax.

Buster Crabbe as Billy Carson
Al St. John as Fuzzy Jones
Frances Gladwin as Linda Bowen
Ed Cassidy as Jed Bowen
I. Stanford Jolley as Steve Kirby
Kermit Maynard as Vic Dawson
John Cason as Joe Slade
Bob Kortman as Matt Brawley
Steve Clark as Sheriff
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