STORMY MONDAY ( 1988 Melanie Griffith ) Crime Drama Movie Review 2017 Arrow Release

Stormy Monday – on Dual Format Blu-ray + DVD on 10 July 2017

Taking it’s cue from Tyneside-set crime classic Get Carter, Mike Figgis’ cult thriller Stormy Monday boasts an all star cast including Tommy Lee Jones, Melanie Griffith, Sean Bean and Sting, and drips with atmosphere and intensity. The release features a commentary from Figgis, a reversible sleeve, and a limited edition booklet with the first pressing
Brendan takes a job as janitor for Finney, who runs a jazz nightclub in the Northern English city of Newcastle. But Finney is being pressured to sell his club, and Brendan soon provides non-janitorial services to Finney. Soon his rival’s American boss Cosmo comes to town, while Brendan begins to fall in love with Kate, an escort working for Cosmo

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