story of the biggest bank robbery where they escape with unparalleled genius. True story

The 13-year-old narrowly escaped the bone-breaking serial killer _True Crime Documentary

A true story from 2006: Four armed robbers entered a bank in Argentina and took hostages. The police surrounded the place, and after several hours of negotiation, the robbers announced that they would surrender on the condition that the police bring them pizza. The pizza arrived, but suddenly the robbers cut all communication channels with the police. The police decided to storm the bank, but when they entered, there was no one there except the hostages. They found that the bank vault had been robbed, but there was no trace of the robbers or any evidence of how they escaped. There was no hole in the ground or any possible exit for them. The police then turned their attention to the hostages, who suspected that the robbers were hiding among them. So, did the robbers really hide among the hostages, and where did they go exactly? This is what we will know in this story

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