Super 8mm – “Plaid Pants Ghost” – A 1973 action film made by Bronx kids

I think you’d be hard pressed to find another film like this. It was made in 1973 by the Harper boys, the Garrett kids and others on Hunt Ave in the Bronx. They “borrowed” my Super 8mm movie camera. I think John Harper is the one who thought this up. As usual for the time, there was zero adult involvement.

There is another film made on our five floor apartment building rooftop that got them in trouble because of the roof edge shots.

I’m wondering what genre would this film be? It’s gritty urban youth dealing with deadly ghost attacks in the early 70’s but what do you call it?

John Harper is the one doing the strange self close-up shot. Mike Harper is the victim. I think Kim Garrett is the ghost.
Note: This is a crude copy…it will eventually be replaced with professional copy.


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