The best crime film ever: M by Fritz Lang – Review & Analysis

Fritz Lang’s first sound film came rather late: “M” only started in theaters in 1931. But while many other German talkies relied heavily on dialogue, music and song, but had little to say about the expansion of the medium, Fritz Lang succeeded in making a film that reflects on itself – and not without humor, when a hard-of-hearing character suddenly appears or the wanted murderer whistles the theme tune himself, but only a blind man can remember it. With Peter Lorre, Gustaf Gründgens, Theo Lingen, Rosa Valetti and many other stars, #FritzLang has created more than a good crime film, “M” is also a film about the big city, about modern society, #surveillance and control, and about the #mass media and their effect on the masses. The fact that this film was also welcomed by right-wingers is not due to a misinterpretation, because a scapegoat is also constructed here, through which a dangerous community is constituted. More about this by Wolfgang M. Schmitt in the film analysis!
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