The Best New Gangster Movies Of The Last Few Years

The Best New Gangster Movies Of The Last Few Years

Most gangsters are, by definition, bad people. They’re criminals and lowlifes and killers. The best new gangster films take us deep into their worlds. Although these people do very bad things, it’s hard not to be fascinated by them. We all like staring into the dark abyss every once in a while. Seeing a film that dramatizes what it’s like to live and operate in the violent underworld of crime holds a certain you-can’t-look-away appeal. Ever since Francis Ford Coppola’s classic The Godfather rocked the world, movies about gangsters and the mafia of all varieties have been released with great consistency. Each year brings at least a few more modern gangster movies.

Actors love playing these characters, as many recent gangster movies can attest. You’ll find some of Hollywood’s biggest names that starred in the latest gangster movies on the list below.

Vote up the best entries on this list of new gangster movies. Also be sure to check back for the latest and upcoming gangster movies as they are released.


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