THE BLACK TERROR👉War & Crime Fighter!!!👉1943 To 1949👉27 Comic Book Covers

The Black Terror on Comic Book Covers is the focus of this video.

The Black Terror started as a superhero originally during the Golden Age of Comic Books (1938 to 1956) in Exciting Comics #9, published by Nedor Comics in January 1941.

The Black Terror was the most popular superhero in Nedor’s stable, and appeared in a solo comic book (as featured in this video) as well as the lead feature in America’s Best Comics and Exciting Comics.

Some Black Terror stories were written by Patricia Highsmith before she became an acclaimed novelist.

The character has been revived by various publishers over the years, including AC Comics, Eclipse Comics, America’s Best Comics, and Dynamite Entertainment.

The Black Terror’s secret identity was pharmacist Bob Benton, who formulated a chemical he called “formic ethers”, which gave him various superpowers.

He used these powers to fight war and crime.

His sidekick was Tim Roland, and together they were known as the “Terror Twins”.

His love interest is Secretary Jean Starr, who initially despises Benton and loves the Black Terror, but later discovers that they’re the same person.


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