The Black Widow 1947 E2. Stolen Formula

The Black Widow 1947 Episode 2. Stolen Formula
The Editor of the Daily Clarion newspaper hires writer and amateur criminologist Steve Colt to solve a series of murders, all involving venomous spider bites, with the aid of his best reporter Joyce Chambers.

Meanwhile, the evil King Hitomu has sent his daughter Sombra to the United States to fulfill his plan for global domination by stealing a prototype “Atomic Rocket Engine”. Posing as a fortune teller, and assisted by her two loyal henchmen, Sombra sets about stealing the prototype and its secrets by utilizing her cunning nature, array of lethal gadgets, and ability to impersonate any woman she chooses with the aid of masks and wigs.

Enjoy this classic black-and-white sci-fi TV series, filled with mystery and suspense. The Black Widow tv series is sure to entertain you with:

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