The Blue Gardenia 1953 Film Noir Crime Drama Anne Baxter Full Length Film Movie

“The Blue Gardenia” is a 1953 film noir directed by Fritz Lang. The story follows Norah Larkin, played by Anne Baxter, a telephone operator living in Los Angeles. After a night out with friends, Norah returns home to find out that she may have been involved in a violent crime against a man named Harry Prebble. Distraught and unable to remember the events clearly due to intoxication, Norah becomes a target of a media frenzy and an investigation. As the mystery unravels, Norah attempts to piece together the events of that night and clear her name. The film explores themes of innocence, justice, and the impact of media sensationalism. “The Blue Gardenia” is known for its atmospheric noir cinematography and engaging narrative.

“The Blue Gardenia” (1953) features the following main cast:

Anne Baxter as Norah Larkin
Richard Conte as Casey Mayo
Ann Sothern as Crystal Carpenter
Raymond Burr as Harry Prebble
Jeff Donnell as Sally Ellis
Richard Erdman as Al
George Reeves as Police Capt. Sam Haynes
Ruth Storey as Rose Miller

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