The Collection: Peter Frampton

In this episode of “The Collection,” host Mark Agnesi is in Nashville, Tennessee, to check out GRAMMY-winner Peter Frampton’s impressive collection of guitars.

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2024 marks Peter Frampton’s 60th year of being a professional touring guitar player, selling over 20 million albums and rightfully earning status as a rock legend. His songs have become the soundtrack of our lives, and if you feel like we do, you are excited to see all the cool gear he has amassed over the years. Join host Mark Agnesi at the 2024 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominee’s studio in Nashville to get a personal tour of his impressive collection of guitars in this new episode of Gibson TV’s “The Collection.”

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Watch as Frampton recounts the loss of some of his most treasured guitars in the Nashville flood and which ones he managed to recover, including the guitar that he used to write “Show Me The Way” and “Baby, I Love Your Way.” Listen to the untold story of the incredible recovery of the “Phenix” Les Paul Custom, believed to have been destroyed in a cargo plane crash, only to be rediscovered decades later when an unexpected email from a little guitar shop on an island off the coast of Caracas appeared in his inbox.

This new episode of The Collection is a must-see for Peter Frampton fans and vintage guitar lovers alike, as we are treated to some of the coolest vintage guitars (and their storied history) by one of the greatest musicians of all time.

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0:00 Introducing Peter Frampton
0:48 Interview
6:25 – 1962 Les Paul SG Standard
8:32 – 1959 ES-335TDC
11:21 Interview (cont’d) – First bands
15:36 – 1958 Les Paul Junior
17:20 – 1957 Les Paul Special
20:03 Interview (cont’d) Losing guitars in the flood
23:26 – 1964 Epiphone FT-79 Texan
27:13 Interview (cont’d) – The story of Peter Frampton’s “Phenix” 1955 Les Paul Custom
38:07 – 1955 Les Paul Custom “The Phenix”
46:39 – Peter Frampton Les Paul Signature
48:32 – Peter Frampton “Phenix” Les Paul Custom
51:04 Interview (cont’d) – Playing burst Les Paul guitars, playing with George Harrison
57:54 – 1960 Les Paul Std
1:01:27 – 1959 ES-175D
1:03:51 – 1935 Gibson L-00
1:07:18 Interview (cont’d) – The next guitars on the list, reflecting on his career
1:10:44 – Selmer-Maccaferri Tenor – Django Reinhardt’s guitar
1:14:20 – Dupont Gypsy Jazz Guitar
1:16:38 – 1958 Fender Stratocaster
1:19:10 – 1958 Fender Jazzmaster
1:20:44 – 1959 Fender Telecaster
1:23:00 – 1963 Fender Jaguar
1:25:26 – 1968 Fender Bass VI
1:27:44 – Fender Custom Shop Hank Marvin Stratocaster
1:31:31 – 1960’s Coral Electric Sitar
1:34:37 Outro

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