THE DAWN EXPRESS – Michael Whalen (American WW2 movie 1942)

In the middle of World War II, Nazi Capt. Gemmler is in need of a powerful chemical formula to improve the energy output of ordinary gasoline. In his quest for this formula he finds two individuals that he thinks will be of use and who are already involved in such a project. Using his secret agents, Gemmler has them kidnapped and then murdered when they cannot help him. Next he targets two others more closely involved: the chemist and playboy Tom Fielding and his co-worker, Robert Norton, who is engaged to Tom’s sister Nancy.

The unsuspecting Tom goes to a nearby tavern one night, where he meets a Polish refugee named Linda Pavlo and strikes up a conversation with her. The following morning Tom is late for work and Robert warns him to be careful of such encounters. The president of the chemical company where they work, Franklyn Prescott, now gets a visit from a government agent, James Curtis, and is told that there has been a double murder in another chemical plant. Prescott is not worried, but refers to his security plan: the plant is only working on one half of the precious formula, while another plant on the East Coast is working on the other half.

Curtis breaks the news to Prescott that the East Coast plant has been compromised and sabotaged by George Pembroke, one of its own chemists now identified as working for the Nazis under the name of Karl Schmidt, who stole half of the formula.
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